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  • For flat grinding, contact grinding, chamfering and deburring.
    The machines are available in the customary sizes of 75 x 2000 mm and 150 x 2000 mm. A powerful motor guarantees trouble-free processing of big surfaces. Standard with motor brake.

    Machines with a two-speed motor are suitable for working on aluminium and stainless steel. Belt grinding is a metal-removing process. In a belt grinder the grinding belt runs around two wheels: the contact wheel and the drive wheel. The speed is constant during grinding. A belt grinder is especially suitable for various metalworking processes, such as grinding, surface grinding, chamfering and de-burring. The grinding belt has a standard size of 75x2000mm or 150x2000mm. The powerful motor allows fast and problem-free processing of large and wide surfaces. The machines ensure that the piece being worked on is properly finished quickly and efficiently.

    Some key features of a good belt grinder are: sturdy construction, a powerful motor – Creint gives a 5 years motor warranty -, the option of with or without a separately operated dust extraction system, switch with emergency stop, and the possibility of quickly changing the grinding belt.  A Creint belt grinder is also fitted as standard with a brake so that the machine rapidly comes to a standstill after being switched off.

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    Belt grinders - Also available

    The belt grinders can be quickly and simply extended for use as a pipe notcher or a centerless belt grinder.
    Please ask us about the extension possibilities.

    Belt grinders - Industrial w/ Belt

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