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  • The polishing machines are delivered with tapered polishing spindles, protection guards and polishing mops 150mm or 200mm.The machines are supplied standard without a pedestal.

    Polishing machines are electrical machines that are specially designed to buff and clean up dull, coarse or rough metal surfaces. Polishing is the process in which the surface of a material, in this case metal, is made smooth and shiny. Polishing gives a good-looking effect and a handsome final result.

    A polishing machine has (conical) polishing spindles on the output shafts. The diameter of the polishing mops varies from 150mm to 200mm or to 300mm. Polishing shields provide protection. Polishing calls for a high power rating! This should be borne in mind in the choice of machine. We distinguish between a hard – linen – polishing mop and a soft polishing mop. Apply polishing paste to the polishing mop and spread the paste slowly over the metal. Avoid applying too much pressure during polishing.

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    Polishing machines - Industrial

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